Enjoy this video testimonial from several Leadership Germantown 2020 graduates.

Leadership Germantown, Class of 2020

If you work or live in Germantown and care about the city, then I encourage you to find a way to join Leadership Germantown! You will gain knowledge of our how our city works through unique classroom and hands-on experiences, while discovering community gems and educating yourself to become a better citizen.

Anthony Troxel, Class of 2020

Leadership Germantown 2020 was an awesome experience. I did not know what to expect, but I learned a ton about Germantown and leadership, met a bunch of great people, and thoroughly enjoyed each session we had.

Will Fruitt, Class of 2020

If you are interested in learning the behind the scenes of what makes Germantown such a great city, I highly recommend going through Leadership Germantown. You leave the program not only with knowledge of how to get involved, but also with a group of comrades you can call forever friends.

Kayla Sanders, Class of 2019

Leadership Germantown has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve done professionally and personally. Everything I have learned in LG has confirmed my love for our great city. It is well worth the time commitment!

Lesley Parker, Class of 2019

Enriching experience. Learned a ton. Met many amazing people and I’m better for having been in the Class. Awesome! I wish everyone in Germantown could be aware of what a great community we have.

Jimmy Weatherly, Class of 2019

Fantastic!!! is exactly how I would describe my LG experience. Team Trek was an emotional rollercoaster and exactly the perfect way to bond us as a class.  Class sessions were well organized and structured to keep us occupied throughout the entire day.  And finally, our class project of renovating the Houston High School Greenhouse was the perfect culmination to make us work as a team and get the job done. I look forward to serving on the LG Board and was honored to be voted into that position by my peers. 2018 is the Best Class Ever!!

-Doug Cummings, Class of 2018

I graduated from Leadership Germantown in 2004, and I learned about the wonderful services we have with our local Germantown Police and Fire Departments. On our additional day trips, we were shown how our State, City, and County governments work, learned about the educational opportunities for Germantown’s children, and I found so many ways I could enjoy being a part of Germantown.  I have served on the Senior Commission, the Safety Commission, the Library Board, and am currently on the Neighborhood Preservation Commission. If you want to learn how to get involved, serve your city, make great friends, and have an awesome time doing it, go through Leadership Germantown.

-Margaret Gracey Owens, Class of 2004