The Leadership Germantown program includes eight full-day sessions and a three day leadership experience.

Sessions cover a variety of topics including:

  • Experiential Leadership
  • Education
  • Public Safety
  • City Government
  • Non-Profit
  • Shelby County
  • Commerce
  • Life & Leisure

Session Descriptions

Team Trek Leadership Experience– Leadership Germantown believes that great teamwork involves knowing and understanding our peers; and while our selected class members are already proven leaders, we can all become better leaders.  For our first session, we travel to Team Trek’s learning center located in Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas on Greer’s Ferry Lake. Team Trek’s mission is to “Build People and Connect Teams” through leadership development, teambuilding, and coaching. Many international corporations like Coca-Cola, Exxon, FedEx, International Paper, Kraft, L’Oréal, and Nestlé work with Team Trek. Our graduates point to this weekend as an integral part of the Leadership Germantown experience.

Germantown Education Day – Because well-rounded options for education are imperative for a thriving community, Germantown citizens demand excellence in every facet of education for our children.  The Germantown Education Day offers a look into the public, private and special school offerings within the borders of Germantown.  In addition, class members are given an opportunity to meet with GMSD School Board members, GMSD officials and directors of the organizations that support education in our community.

Public Safety Day – Germantown is known for its excellent public safety, and this day provides behind-the-scenes access to our Police, Fire and Paramedics facilities and training centers.   The group spends half the day with the Germantown Police Department and half the day with the Germantown Fire Department.  This day allows for hands-on experience with the equipment, tools, vehicles used by our public safety teams.  Class members learn the policies and procedures that keep our community safe and the role our public safety agents play in the greater metropolitan area.

Non-Profit Day – Part of the reason Germantown has grown into the lovely community that it is today, is due to its caring and proactive citizens. The community is able to accomplish greatness by the highly collaborative nature of the municipal government and non-profit organizations, along with private businesses and citizens. This day includes a bit of history to illustrate this collaboration as well as introduces class members to an array of non-profit organizations with which they can engage in Germantown and the greater metropolitan area.

County Government Day – As one of several municipalities in Shelby County, Germantown has a vested interest in the success of the county.  The inner-workings of county government are revealed by visiting with County Commissioners and other elected officials such as the County Trustee and County Register as well as appointed or hired officials who serve our county.  This session is another behind-the-scenes day that allows a fascinating look into the criminal justice system and the organizations that support it and is often a session that calls class members to engage outside of Germantown to make a difference.

Germantown Business Day – Because Germantown has traditionally been a bedroom community and because it is essentially land-locked, our business environment is unique.  Our leaders are charged with a balancing act of maintaining the residential feel while also diversifying the tax base to reduce pressure on individual property taxes.  In addition, the business environment is key to the standard of living and quality of life that attracts people to Germantown for dining, shopping, and entertainment.  This session includes visits to large and small businesses within our borders, tours of commercial business districts and comments from city officials as well as business owners on the importance of a diverse commercial environment and what our city does to encourage growth and development.

Life & Leisure Day – There is no disputing that Germantown is a great place to live, work, relax, and play.  The Quality of Life session introduces the class to the places and spaces that make Germantown fulfilling.  This day provides a sampling of what makes our city enjoyable and unique such as visits to some of our top-quality parks; preserved open spaces and natural areas, as well as to some of our wide variety of leisure and cultural activities.

Leadership Finale  – This session serves as a wrap up for class members to combine the leadership lessons learned along the way with the opportunities for engagement.  Class members participate in final team building exercises, reflection on their experience and are presented with additional opportunities for engagement into the community.

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