2014 Class Project

DONATE A BOOK Service Project

The Leadership Germantown Class of 2014 saw a need and aimed to fill it. During County Education Day (a class dedicated to exploring the various schools in and around Germantown), they discovered that many of the libraries in the new Germantown Municipal School District were lacking new books. Some schools even had small collections that were missing childhood favorites like Dr. Seuss and Eric Carle. Something had to be done.

Each year, the Leadership Germantown class creates a service project to help give back to the City of Germantown, as well as to highlight the Leadership Germantown organization. The Leadership Germantown Class of 2014 decided that the best way to promote the City of Germantown was to support the newly formed Germantown Municipal School District, and the four public elementary schools in the district: Germantown Elementary, Dogwood, Farmington, and Riverdale Elementary.

Leadership Germantown worked with each school librarian to select new books for students. The Class of 2014 funded this service project by raising money through donations. For each donation, companies, families, individuals, and school groups received a dedicated label in a new library book, with the name of who donated. Over $7625 was raised for this project, with large donations coming directly from Germantown businesses. When split equally, each school received over $1900 in books for their libraries.

Delivering books to the libraries all around town.
Each book contains a custom label including the sponsors’ name.
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