Germantown Schools

Public Schools

Germantown is served by Germantown Municipal School District, which contains two elementary schools, one middle school, one high school, and one K-8 school. 

K-8 School: Riverdale Elementary School

Elementary Schools: Farmington Elementary School and Dogwood Elementary School

Middle School: Houston Middle School.

High School: Houston High School
In 2015, Houston High School was rated by the Washington Post as one of America’s Most Challenging High Schools.

Jason Manuel, former principal of Houston Middle School is Superintendent of schools.
The School Board consists of 5 at-large elected positions.
Germantown Elementary, Middle, and High School
 remain with the Shelby County Schools district, although they are located within the borders of the city of Germantown; a majority of students who attend these schools come from unincorporated Shelby County.

Private Schools

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